The Shamanic Drum Circle is monthly class where participants come to learn about Shamanism, practice journeying to alternate realities, and receive healing and wisdom. Each meeting is centered around a theme or teaching, including ceremony and celebration of the 4 important Earth celebrations:

  • Spring Equinox (March),

  • Summer Solstice (June),

  • Fall Equinox (September), and

  • Winter Solstice (December).

The Shamanic Drum Circle is open to all who want to learn and grow, and there is no obligation to commit to coming every month -- just come when Spirit calls you. The fee for each Shamanic Drum Circle is $10; we request a love donation for ceremonies.


In 2020, in addition to quarterly ceremonies to mark Mother Earth's relationship with Father Sun, the theme will be Ceremony: Bringing the Sacred into Everday Living. Participants will learn about the history, meaning and purpose of ceremony and how personal ceremony can bring focus and empowerment to everyday life. In addition, the class will work together to learn about the meaning of the four major Seasonal Ceremonies and will plan and lead those ceremonies with Tess.


The recommended textbook for the year is The Book of Ceremony, written by my teacher, Sandra Ingerman. Although not required, this book is highly recommended. The book not only provides invaluable information, guidance, and examples, but walks you through every aspect of planning and performing ceremony. Throughout the year we will work out way through the book as indicated below.


  • January: We will explore the history, purpose, and meaning of sacred ceremony, after which we will take a Shamanic Journey to meet a Spirit Teacher who will work with you throughout the year. This Spirit will be your personal tutor, bringing you personalized guidance, healing, and wisdom as you learn about sacred ceremony. We will close the evening with a guided meditation to Bless Our Global Community. Teachings will align with pp. 1-27  and pp. 185-188 of the textbook.

  • February: We will explore the meaning of the Spring Equinox and prepare for our first public ceremony together. (pp. 41-70)

  • In March, we will present our ceremony to the public to celebrate the Spring Equinox Celebration.

  • Later in March, the Circle will meet to discuss the ceremony and learn about Working in Unseen Realms and will each create our own Virtual Altar for personal ceremony, healing, and long-distance work. (pp. 71-79 and pp. 131-138)

  • In April, we will learn about using ceremony to mark Turning Points & Rites of Passage, and will work with our Spirit Teachers to create a personal rite of passage in our individual Virtual Altar rooms. (pp. 83-99)

  • In May, we will explore the history and meaning of the Summer Solstice and use what we have learned thus far to plan the June ceremony.

  • In June, the group will perform the Summer Solstice Ceremony.

  • On July 1, (this will be make up for the June Drum Circle), we will discuss the Solstice ceremony and learn about how to use ceremony to create Honorable Closure for ending relationships, cutting ties, and putting an end to bad habits and addictions. Weather permitting, we will do some work outdoors, so dress appropriately and bring bug spray! (pp. 101-114)

  • At the end of July, the Circle will learn about using ceremony to bring balance energy and healing. You will practice some simple ways to release negativity, after which Tess will perform a Shamanic Healing Ceremony for a member of the circle (to be selected through lottery) and in which all present will participate. (pp. 117-129)

  • In August, we will work together to plan the Fall Equinox Ceremony to be performed in September.

  • In September, the Circle will present and lead the Fall Equinox Ceremony.

  • Later in September, we will discuss the Equinox Ceremony, after which we will learn about Healing Ceremonies for people and places. Tess will lead the group through a ceremony for the healing of Mother Earth. (pp, 141-164)

  • In October, the group will learn about using ceremony to Manifest Our Dreams and bringing the sacred into everyday life to maintain balance and health. We will then journey to alternate reality and our Virtual Altars for a Personal Empowerment Ceremony. (pp. 165-183)

  • In November, we will focus on preparing for the Winter Solstice Ceremony in December.

  • In December, we will celebrate the Winter Solstice in a ceremony written and led by Drum Circle members.


Most Drum Circle meetings will include journey work, so participants should bring a journal or notebook, pencil, drum or rattle, as well as an open heart and mind. You may also wish to bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie upon and a bandana, scarf or eye mask for journey work. If you are more comfortable in a chair, we will have them available for you.


At the Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies, we will not journey, but you are encouraged to bring a rattle, drum, or other instrument to join us in celebration!

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Tuesday, September 22


Fall Equinox Celebration


Wednesday, September 30


Ceremony of Place

Wednesday, October 21


Ceremony for Manifestation


Wednesday, November 18


Winter Solstice Preparation


Monday, December 21


Winter Solstice Gathering


Tess Snyder

Shamanic Practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist

Avon Lake, Ohio

Please note that Shamanic healing is spiritual healing, and should never replace or be substituted for medical care. Shamanic healing is a complement to your doctor's care, not a replacement. Please consult a physician for your condition before pursuing alternative healing.

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