full shamanic healing

Do you feel exhausted from years of emotional and physical abuse?

Are you having trouble fulfilling your life responsibilities because you just can't do it any more?

Are you ready to give up on life? Is your recent loss overpowering you?

Then you may benefit from Full Shamanic Healing.

"A Shamanic Healing that allows multiple techniques to create spiritual healing is an incredible experience for anyone, and I learn so much from my Spirit Teachers and my clients during the process. It is through these sessions that I truly experience the potential and power of this work. A longer session grants me the time to work on a deep spiritual level to help restore a client's strength, resolve, and ultimately, their life."                                                                                                                                   --- Tess

90 minutes / $90

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A Full Shamanic Healing Session is a longer session with Tess that incorporates two or more healing techniques at the recommendation of her Spirit Council and any of the client's Spirit Guides that wish to participate. It is a powerful session of ancient magic that accelerates healing for the client on a deep spiritual level. If you are interested in a Soul Retrieval, Tess recommends that you book a full session because the Spirits typically want her to perform a Shamanic Extraction to prepare you for the return of your spirit or soul fragments.

A Full Shamanic Healing incorporates two or more of the following techniques, and may include other healings not listed here that the Spirits may prescribe:


As with every healing session, Tess will first talk with you about your goals for your healing, after which she will journey to her Spirit Council to request guidance for your healing. Sometimes, your Spirit Guides will also be present for this. When she returns from this first journey, she will share with you what the Spirits had to say. Then Tess will proceed with performing the required healing ceremonies, relating her experiences and any messages she has received for you during the process. Tess will be listening to a recording of drumming to aid her in her travel across dimensions, and may also play music to help you relax. She will be working with her various Spirit Teachers during the session to ensure safety and to protect both you and Tess throughout the journey. You can find out more about the healing strategies she might use by clicking on the techniques highlighted in red above.


Many clients like to record their session so that they can refer back to it later, or you are free to take notes in your journal.

You may wish to bring a friend or companion with you, as many people feel disoriented after such an intense session, making it unsafe to drive yourself home. All sessions are held strictly confidential and will not be shared without your permission. If you wish for Tess to speak with your counselor or therapist, she is happy to do so, but you will need to sign a release form.


If you have any questions about Shamanic Healing, please contact Tess through this website.

Tess Snyder

Shamanic Practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist

Avon Lake, Ohio


Please note that Shamanic healing is spiritual healing, and should never replace or be substituted for medical care. Shamanic healing is a complement to your doctor's care, not a replacement. Please consult a physician for your condition before pursuing alternative healing.

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