Now Booking Appointments in Mentor, Ohio!

I am pleased to announce that as of November 1, I will be booking clients for Shamanic Healing at It's Your Journey in Mentor, Ohio. Starting November 1, I will be seeing clients there on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 8 pm and Friday evenings from 4:30 pm to 8 pm. You can book your appointment through this website or call It's Your Journey at 419-433-0888.

What's a Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is using ancient knowledge that has been passed down from healer to healer or has been rediscovered through a Shamanic Journey to bring spiritual healing and renewal. If the spirit is healed, the body will soon follow. Some of the healing techniques I use in my practice include Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Power Animal Retrieval, Past Life Regression, Healing with Eternal Life and Crystal Healing. I recommend all new clients book a 90 minute session for a full healing. You, as the client, may have an idea as to what type of healing you would like, but I always take a Shamanic Journey to my Spirit Teachers to see what they think you need. Sometimes, one or more Karmic Masters are present to make sure we do not interfere with your Karmic destiny, or perhaps one of your Spirit Guides may show up to "weigh in" on our discussion. After we have discussed your wishes and the Spirit Council has given permission and perhaps advised additional or alternative types of healing techniques, I return to the room to discuss their advice. Typically, your wishes will be granted and the Spirits will advise additional work; rarely, a Karmic Master will deny permission or the Council will suggest a completely different approach.

How the Spirit Council Advises Your Healing Session

For example, a client named Susie comes to me for a Soul Retrieval. We talk briefly about why she thinks this will help her, after which I journey to meet my Spirit Council. When I meet the Council, they tell me that in order for Susie to fully benefit from a Soul Retrieval, I first need to remove the negative implants that attached themselves to her when she was abused as a child. The Council says that if these implants are not removed, Susie will not heal because the returning parts of her soul or life force will not be able to fully re-integrate into her being. When I return to the room, I relay the Council's advice, the client agrees, and we proceed with the healing. At the end, the clients feels clearer and more energetic, and over the coming days and even weeks, she continues to reintegrate her lost self and becomes more whole and empowered.

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Tess Snyder

Shamanic Practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist

Avon Lake, Ohio

Please note that Shamanic healing is spiritual healing, and should never replace or be substituted for medical care. Shamanic healing is a complement to your doctor's care, not a replacement. Please consult a physician for your condition before pursuing alternative healing.

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