Home & Office Blessings

Have you recently moved to a new home or office?

Do you feel a sense of heaviness or sadness when you walk in the door?

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift for a family or friend?

Then you should consider a Shamanic Home or Office Blessing of Place.

"It is amazing how a little burnt sage and lavender and a prayer of blessing can clear a personal space or place of business and completely change the feeling from one of heaviness to one of calm and contentment."                                                                                                                                       --- Tess

45-60 minutes / 

$60 per hour + TRAVEL FEE* 

Contact Tess Now to Schedule a Session and ask for a Quote

* The fee for a Blessing of Place is billed at the hourly rate for time at the residence, office, or land plus a travel surcharge.  Travel time is assessed at a rate of $20 per hour from Avon Lake, Ohio.

Sometimes our personal space doesn't "feel" quite right. Perhaps it feels heavy. Perhaps you had a terrible fight in your home or office and it has just never felt the same. Perhaps you just went through a bad break-up and negative energy has been left by your partner. Maybe there is a place on your land where nothing will grow.  All of these scenarios point to a need for a sacred clearing and blessing so that you can move forward with your life and reside or work in a place that is calm and nurturing. 

A Blessing of Place is an ancient ceremony that is used to clear a space of negative and harmful energy. The result is a calm, pleasant environment where you feel relaxed and safe. In the current cultural climate, a place where we can feel safe and relaxed is essential to our well-being and the well-being of our family.


Tess will begin by talking with you about what you have been experiencing that made you feel you needed a clearing. She may feel the need to complete a Shamanic journey to determine the best course of action, or will simply proceed with the clearing. If clearing a home or office, Tess will begin at the front entrance of your dwelling and begin the clearing in a clockwise direction in each room using sacred herbs, sound, a drum, or rattle to facilitate the release of negative energy. She may also feel that the exterior of the dwelling should be cleared. If Tess is clearing your land, the process is similar wth a distinct starting and ending place. More time may be spent in a place where negative energy is lingering or stronger or, in the case of land, where there is a "dead" area where nothing can grow. 

After the Blessing is complete, Tess will discuss any negative energy she removed and give you advice, if any, on how to move forward. Most Blessings of Place are very routine and simple, but on occasion a more complex challenge will arise. At the end of a typical space clearing, you space will be clear and will be left with a circle of protection from negativity that should last for some time. However. if you are in need of a spirit clearing due to possession of the space by a wayward spirit, the process is more in depth and requires additional time and a different shamanic technique. Go to Spirit Clearings to learn more, or contact Tess via the form above to schedule a time to talk.

Tess Snyder

Shamanic Practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist

Avon Lake, Ohio


Please note that Shamanic healing is spiritual healing, and should never replace or be substituted for medical care. Shamanic healing is a complement to your doctor's care, not a replacement. Please consult a physician for your condition before pursuing alternative healing.

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