Have you suffered from physical or emotional abuse? Are you a victim of rape or incest?

Have you experienced a physical or emotional trauma that crushed your spirit?  Do you suffer from PTSD?

Then you may benefit from Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

"Soul Retrieval is amazing work -- for both the Shaman and the client. I have personally benefited from this type of healing as a client, and have seen many of my clients be restored and take charge of their lives after a Soul Retrieval.


"One of the most interesting realizations of doing this work is that Spirit will not only guide me to unknown places to find lost soul parts and protect me on my journey, but will present information to me that aligns perfectly with the client's belief system and life experience, even if I have little or knowledge of that. I have met Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, the Great Mother and many other spiritual leaders that appeared to bring healing and wisdom to my clients."                                                                                                                                                                   --- Tess

60 minutes / $60

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When we suffer a great trauma, we are at risk of losing parts of our life force or soul. Sometimes this power returns to us on its own, but more often it remains "lost." Shamanic Soul Retrieval is powerful, magical, healing that can restore those lost parts of one's self so that true healing and empowerment can begin. It is important to note that Soul Retrieval is often preceded by a Shamanic Extraction, which removes blockages from your physical and emotional bodies. If you wish to have both healings in the same session, please book a Full Shamanic Healing Session so there is enough time to complete both ceremonies.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval is an ancient healing technique that is in some form present in virtually all indigenous cultures around the world. Traditionally, when a member of the tribe or community would suffer a great physical, emotional, or spiritual loss, after some time had passed, the village healer would perform a ceremony to restore their souls. During Soul Retrieval, Tess joins her Spirit Teacher, who then leads her across time and space to find your missing pieces. Sometimes, you will appear as a yourself as a child or as yourself at another time of your life. If required, Tess will battle for parts of you that may be held by someone who did you harm, demanding your release. On rare occasions, Tess may journey to one of your past lives to retrieve a long-lost part of you. Anything is possible!


As with every healing session, Tess will first talk with you about your goals for your healing, after which she will journey to her Spirit Council to request guidance for your healing. Sometimes, your Spirit Guides will also be present for this. When she returns from this first journey, she will share with you what the Spirits had to say. On rare occasions, they will recommend a different path to healing or say that you require a Shamanic Extraction before you can benefit from a Soul Retrieval. In the latter event, Tess will begin with a Shamanic Extraction, and if time permits, she will then continue with a Soul Retrieval. This will extend your session with Tess into a Full Shamanic Healing and will incur an additional charge for the extended time. If there is not enough time for both, you can schedule a follow-up session with Tess at a later time.

Next, Tess will have you lie down on the floor beside her with her medicine blanket beneath you. She will need to touch your arm or some comfortable part of your leg or body during her journey. This physical connection ensures that she will be traveling just for you, to only retrieve parts of your soul that you have lost. Tess will be listening to a recording of drumming to aid her in her travel. She will meet with her Spirit Teacher and begin her journey to find your lost parts.

When Tess returns from her journey, she will sit up and help you do the same, and will blow the parts of you she has collected through the crown of your head (your crown chakra) so that you integrate them back into your being. She will then rattle around you to seal the parts back into you. Then Tess will talk with you about what and who she encountered and brought back to you and the details of her journey. Many clients will record their session so that they can refer back to it later, or you are free to take notes in your journal.

You may wish to bring a friend or companion with you to the session, as many people feel disoriented after a session, making it unsafe to drive yourself home. All sessions are held strictly confidential and will not be shared without your permission. If you wish for Tess to speak with your counselor or therapist, she is happy to do so, but you will need to sign a release form.


If you have any questions about Soul Retrieval or Shamanic Healing, please contact Tess through the Contact page of this website.

Tess Snyder

Shamanic Practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist

Avon Lake, Ohio

Please note that Shamanic healing is spiritual healing, and should never replace or be substituted for medical care. Shamanic healing is a complement to your doctor's care, not a replacement. Please consult a physician for your condition before pursuing alternative healing.

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